What it means to Become Limitless...

My name is Doug Salamone and I'm on a mission to Become Limitless. I take on a life changing challenge and document the entire journey in a podcast. I work with experts in the field of said challenge all while pushing forward to Become Limitless.

These challenges will consist of many different types. Some will be physical challenges, such as my first challenge to lift 1,000 pounds. There will be creative challenges, professional development challenges, business challenges and more. Join me on this journey and together let's become limitless.

The Road to 1,000

My first challenge is to lift 1,000 pounds. This will consist of a combined total of the three major lifts; bench press, squat, deadlift.

When I began this challenge on August 8th, 2017 my lift total was 750 pounds. I'm making good progress and on the road to 1,000.

Never Miss An Opportunity

We've all heard the saying, "There's a time and place," well when is the time and where is that place. I say, "Now is the time and here is the place." Never miss an opportunity to get a little exercise while having some fun.

Become Your Own Super Hero w/ Paralympian Tanner Gers

Tanner Gers competed in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. He currently competes in the sport of Beep Baseball. He's a professional communicator and speaker. Tanner is a true champion. www.tannergers.com

Next Steps...

Did you found this content valuable and inspiring? I'm only one man with many goals and believe with hard work and persistence one can truly become limitless. I'm working to get there and want you come with me on this journey.