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Love the Journey Become Limitless

This weeks episode I take a look a how loving the journey or process will help you achieve your goals and keep your movement high. I also share some strategies and tactics to help you start to love the process so that you can achieve your goals and so much more. 

So Tune into this episode and Become Limitless!

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Welcome to the become limitless podcast. before I start this episode, I wanted to talk to you about this new thing. I’m gonna try where I’m gonna be recording video of the behind scenes. And what goes on when I obviously pause the recording of the audio here and what I do in the background, but I kind of think I’m gonna try and work on a website, so you can access this by subscription.


You better look on there and see all the behind the scenes videos. I’ll try to upload as much some pictures of my podcast notes so you can see what exactly I’m reading. What I’m doing this thing. You’ll be able to see from the video that I’ve got going on at the background, what’s going on, and what’s happening in the background.


And so it’s just a little bit more of an in depth of what happens in the become limitless podcast world and how we can get access and obviously, you’ll put a face to a voice. So without further ado, let’s get straight into it. This episode we’re going to talk about love the process and what do I mean by that?


So there’s a lot of things I want to cover in this episode about loving the process and enjoying the process. And this all came about from watching a video about dopamine and how dopamine can help you being motivated and keep you going and going and going and it all comes down to loving the process.


And not associating a goal with the love with the celebration. It’s celebrating that process. So that’s what I want to get into how we can attach it Dopamine is Attached the reward centres and of brain, obviously. But dopamine motivate us to keep going on the process be going with.


Also, what are we doing? What was I talk about by the process? What process am I talking about? What else are we gonna go on with, like, say the podcast here? What do I put on a joy about this podcast? How do I keep going? And I’ll keep doing it.


What is my motivators? And how do I love the process for that? And how can you start implementing some strategies and some tactics to get yourself, get yourself enjoying, and loving the process that’s going on in the background. So that further ado, let’s get straight into it. Love the journey of the process.


It either one. It’s a process. If you’re working systematically or a journey, if you are just going along for, right? If you’re just listening, this podcast is to increase your awareness, increase your intelligence. That’s what it’s all about. So when we do this, we want to look at.


Okay, I’ve got a journey. I’m going to process I’m going on and why do I not want to go? And look at the reward being the end of that journey, the end of the process, the goal the big overarching thing that you’re working towards at the end. Why do I not want to have the goal in that?


Well, there’s a lot of different reasons and the main one that I looked at and I found especially that don’t mean that I was listening to and talking about when it took comes to. Don’t mean if you become, if the reward at the end of your journey or process is what you associate, the good feeling with, and you’re not going to feel good all the way up until that point.


And then when you get the reward, there’s the downside that down the pain that is associated with dopamine hits. And obviously this is all imbalance talking about balance. Go check out my last episode.


And our basketball episodes is one of balance and it’s really important. And understand this gives you a bit of a understanding of the buyer chemistry behind a lot of the balance that you need in your life and how our bodies find by chemically balanced. So don’t mean to get a massive head of dopamine from the reward.


You celebrate? Yeah. Any crash off the other end and it’s like, what happened? What about crash? What just happened there? Why don’t I feel so rubbish? Now, how come? I can’t keep going. What kind of cat like, pick myself up. I just have this massive win and it’s the whole process of.


If you’ve got a dopamine high, then you’re gonna have a crash, it’s just how it works. It’s there’s there’s a lovely little balance there. The problem, the put not the problem. The purpose of this is so that keeps us in this balance and this time it keeps us going.


Because eventually if we keep getting that type meeting this crash, we don’t get any separation from what the good feeling is, then the good feeling goes away, it doesn’t become, it doesn’t stay a good feeling and then proceeds to be something else. What I’ve what am I doing here?


Like what’s going on, why? Why am I doing this still? Because you don’t get the comparison of the pain and the good pain and they have fun, the pain of the good feeling and that’s what you need and that’s why that pain is so important. And well that balances there.


So we now understand that if we give the the goal at the end or the achievement at the end of your process, the diabetes, then you crash off the edge of that. And then you might not start or might not look for the next thing because then it’s like over each my goal.


What I’m doing now. What I’m gonna do now instead let’s associate the celebrations or the achievements with the process, the small steps we’re taking the little wins all the way through. That’s what we want to start achieving but achieving start. Connecting our don’t meet and our celebrations too. Because then we start to love the process and when we love the process, when we get to the big goal at the end.


Yeah. We will have a little bit of a celebration like, you know, excellent under work. We got to the end of what we wanted to do. I built this successful podcast that, that’s what obviously my goal is to have successful podcasts and does so many different things. And has so many different have been so such a diverse audience that can share it around, and we can really change everyone’s life, and obviously, enrich their lives by listening to my podcast.


But if I get to the end of that, and I didn’t enjoy the process, then, what do I do? After that? When I get, when I get to that guy, what’s, what am I gonna do next? Instead, I’m enjoying every little step every little milestone. So, little things like, getting so many listens.


Give me something. Downloads getting somebody, so many audience members, once again to that stage. Then I’m like, excellent, I’m doing. Well, I’m going towards my goal towards this sink. Then I can start to look at monetizing this podcast. If I want to do go down that line, I can start looking at ads and start looking at giving subscriptions, as I send the start of this and then I can start to do all those things that steps to be towards a goal.


Again, obviously, that money, they can start to put more money in more time and do this podcast, obviously, grow, it even more and get a great audience. And all those little steps is where I want to be associating. That goal associating, that don’t mean that celebration not goal. And when I can do that, that’s where the magic happens.


That’s where all the the enlightenment that keeps you going. The motivation that keeps you going? Because then when I get to the achievement, I got this massive podcast that I’m like, well, hang a second. I’m gonna have this crash. I don’t have this crash but the awareness I got crash off the edge.


Okay, now I want to do well, I love the process, let’s start building something else. Let’s do, let’s create a online course for you guys to follow along. If you want to have a go at an unlike course that I create could I do YouTube channel, maybe I can start the YouTube channel as I’m doing this.


There’s so many different ways that loving the process will give you better options will keep you going. Will keep you going to the next step. Okay. I succeeded and making this better podcast. Let’s do the next thing. Let’s keep following the next thing and that’s what was really important with my.


I’m their trading was all celebrated the growth inside myself. I’ll get it out, I’ll spend it out. Eventually the growth inside myself, that allowed me to get to the next level. I could run so far or I could ride so far. Don’t stop. I can swim so far nonstop.


I thought myself can stronger and then to complete the Iron Man was just good. I knew it myself that I could do it because of the training. I did where I got to and what stages I was able to do what I was able to do in the training and loving the process of doing that create this other monster where I don’t like me.


What can I do next? What I could limitless, I can do anything. If I can just keep applying this same process just keep pumping through the processes and loving the journey that I’m on. Nothing, will stop me. I’ll keep going, I’ll keep growing, I’ll keep reading the books that I need to read looking at the information.


I need to look at investing in the stuff that I need to invest in or to grow myself and I’ll become limitless. And that’s what loving the process is all about. Feeling the gratitude and celebration for all the little tiny small steps that you take. And we’ve got to be really aware of what’s going on and taking those small steps, and being aware, that their winds.


And even the losses learning from those losses, that’s all part of the journey and love the journey and association the gratitude with, I’ve just got a lesson. I failed, I lost, I did something. Did this? That that or didn’t go the right way? But it was a lesson, I learnt and that I could love that and increase my knowledge and grow from that and then step forward again.


So many times, if you start to associate the celebration with the and goal and you just can’t see yourself getting there, you lose the motivation. You lose all motivation to keep going and keeps driving and keep changing direction where I need to change. Directional going up. And over digging under, whatever the case may be, you lose that motivation to do that because you aren’t celebrating the winds.


The small winds that you’re going through the little winds that just keep you going. And that allows you to create this massive. Massive unstoppable momentum. How do you start to do it? How now, I just want to go into that like how do I start loving it? How do you start loving the process if you’re really struggling with that?


The first thing is you got to start practising gratitude, you’ve really got to start practising gratitude and the more you can be grateful. The more you can become aware as well, awareness and gratitude together, and then you see the small steps that you’re taking. You might even be able to read detail or small steps detail.


Those little just steps levels that you’re at where you want to be at a certain time period where you want to go. So I’m going to start doing the exact same thing for my podcast. I like using this podcast for a lot of examples because it’s so it’s so perfect for that regard.


Like when I get to 10,000 listens or turn down the 10,000 downloads in total, that’s how they read it out. Celebrate that When I get to say 200 audience, people listening to podcasts, celebrate that when I can monetize, celebrate them. When I can start putting getting a revenue, when I start guessing a revenue from the loyal following that I’m getting from you out there, listening my listeners and followers on Instagram as well.


When I start to hear those things, when I start see, sorry here, those extend to see those things. Then I’ll be able to go, you know what, celebrate it has. Little things that are start to make this a self-sustaining thing. This podcast that I want to put so much effort into and so much joy and love into is getting there.


Getting me this thickness result these results. I want to work towards. So it’s really really important that we become aware and we start showing gratitude for the little steps. You start writing down some of these steps that we want to take and then by doing that we can then start to celebrate the little steps.


The next thing I want to say is, don’t celebrate the end, don’t celebrate the goal. Openly crazy, you could be happy inside. Be good kiss. I did it. Excellent and then be aware as I started this episode with be aware of the crash and lovely little balance that happens.


The pain that comes associated with the dopamine. Now, once we’re aware of that, we can be ready for it to crash, ready for yourself to feel like, rubbish. Oh, that feels rubbish. And remember, that’s gonna happen. Every little step that you do too. So what you’re doing this process?


And you’re taking these small steps and getting this lovely little, don’t mean high from like, yes, that’s step. You’re gonna have a little crash, not a massive one. Not like when you hold this anticipation, the whole way through, it’s another thing I can talk about don’t mean is a amazing little molecule.


I could talk over and over again. I think I will do another episode on doe for me, but back what we’ll talk about. So instead of having this massive upscale massive incline in what you’re doing and have this massive crash what you’re doing is you’re creating these small steps with.


Don’t mean it from a small celebration on the journey. The process that you’re on little crash and build it back up again to your next step and you’ll find yourself more motivated because you’re getting the small crash and it’s not a massive do. I can’t do anything for two or three days because I just feel like rubbish because the last three year, two years.


How long it took you to get your goal to reach that endpoint? What are the case of be with such a large anticipation? You get this huge dirtbed reward for that. Then you get this massive crap, just massive crash in relation to it because Google bounced. So if we’re giving ourselves a small dopamine hits, which keep us motivated, then we get this small crash, we don’t feel as rubbish.


We can still see a lot. At any time, we go the next step again, and we keep going, we keep zigzag and up this up, this set of stairs. Like you could say, though these small steps and by loving the process, we get more done and then we get to the end, we have got this massive crash at the end because we’ve taken all that little crashes all the way up, we’ve balanced that.


Don’t mean and pain reward system. The more water pain system in our body all the way up there. We can then turn around the end. Go okay, what are we doing next? Where do I go next? What can I do now to make myself pro? And we can stop pointing our focus at something much more important.


So that’s what we want to look at. We want to keep these small steps celebrating ensuring that we understand that there’s a pain on either side of things. If we do the big one, if we go all the way up, we’re gonna get this. Massive pain, it’s all in relation.


All an aspect to how much don’t mean. We’re gonna get pumped into us from how long we’ve been holding off on celebrating. So celebrate the small steps. That’s what we can do. Create those steps. Create the steps that you’re taking right now in your business and your fitness, like your diet, whatever aspect of your life, your relationships, you might have small steps in the way, you want to be.


The person you want to be for your partner or for your future partner? Create those small steps. What we also want to do is we would love it. Really love it. I want you to feel proper love towards the journey. Like I get excited thinking about how I get to do a podcast so that initiating or like, putting something else into it doing some other part bringing something else into the whole system and process that I do, when it comes to this podcast, with bringing the video in and something excited to add in, and it’s something that can add in for you guys to have some background, and to have a look at what’s going on and see what I actually do.


When I’m sitting down here and recording these podcasts for you to listen to. So, let’s conclude this bad. Boy creates full steps, celebrate the small winds celebrate. Those little winds have awareness of this more steps have awareness of when you’re getting away and have awareness when you’re learning have awareness, when you’re failing, have awareness of the lessons that you’re getting and all that information that you’re getting, from these different, little things that are going on in the process and the journey that you’re on and be grateful for absolutely every little bit of it because every little bit of it is pushing it towards some somewhere in your life.


It’s pushing on a path. Your path is taking you through that parasite of that journey and it’s helping you, it’s guiding you all those little things that are going on. That’s what you’re going to be grateful. For just, as I said in those previous episodes that have gone on about what happened to you had to happen to create who you are, everything’s happened to you to create you.


You are a result of everything that’s happened to you in the past. So it’s very important that we’re very grateful for everything that’s going on this journey. So I had a lot of love in this whole process and it’s just, it’s just created more and drive to be successful of this podcast to show the enthusiasm.


What I want to do. This podcast is show the enthusiasm of the process to show all this information and reliant to you. So that you understand and really get excited about how powerful we can be and how amazing we can be every how much we can work too becoming limitless because we really are limitless as human beings and we are crazy awesome, adaptive creatures and there is no limit what we can do.


If we just put our minds to it, what’s all about thoughts and I’m reading this book full of you, that seeking the video, you other placebo. And just the more boring, it’s another dispenser book. Same as he’s supernatural book and it’s crazy. You’re just I’ve it reminds me of how amazing the thought process is.


So remember, the intention of the thoughts. So celebrate, be aware, celebrate those winds, gratitude show a lot of gratitude for everything and create, those small steps for you to take and you’ll become to start loving the process. And those thoughts will start to change about what’s going on in the process.


How you’re loving it, how you’re enjoying it and you’ll see different things open up. You’ll start to walk towards different things. You’ll open your life up to so many different things you can do now, I really, really hope you enjoyed this episode. It’s a bit shorter than normal but I think you got really good value in there and something you can really take and take it, take action on because that’s a very important step.


Start taking action on these things. If you want to love the process or start to implement this stuff, take action. Do those four little small steps. Great small steps celebrate the winds little small winds. Not the big one of the end create awareness around those small steps and feel gratitude for the whole lot.


You’ll see in master, change your massive difference. I hope you really enjoyed this episode and that’s it for me. Thank you Like the episode, make sure you share with all your friends and family and make sure you get on that Facebook page and give that a like and follow it.


Also get on Instagram and follow along there too so you can keep up with date with what’s happening in the becoming the list community until next time stay limitless.

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