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This Episode I dive into repetition, starting by explaining why I am talking about repetition in the first place (It’s how we learn), what changes and happens in the brain when we start doing things repetitiously, and how we can start to do these things in our lives to become limitless. Plus so much more! 

So Tune into this episode and Become Limitless!

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Stay Limitless!


Welcome back to the Become Limitless Podcast, This week’s episode I want to talk about repetition and why am I talking about repetition? What has it got to do with anything? And I just want to give a quick definition of repetition, repetition is something that you do over and over. It becomes a thing that you just do multiple times, that’s what repetition means.

And I just want to cover repetition as in the way that we learn and how we use it to learn what happens in the brain. When we do repeat something over and over and over and how we can start doing more things repetitiously, and how we can really elevate the ability for us to learn something by doing repetitiously and adding one little specific thing to make it a bit more or just to create better learning experience for yourself.

So repetition, We do it over and over and over and over again, What’s some examples of what we did? What do we have? What have we done in our life that we’ve done over and over again to make ourselves proficient or to learn a skill? Let’s look at this right at the start.

When we first start the experiencing, this lovely world of this lovely reality we’re in, we started repetitiously work on things as a baby. You start to learn how to roll, you start to learn to crawl. You do this by constantly, going at it, constantly, attacking it, constantly trying, and trying and trying and by repetition the brain and your body start to learn, okay, I see what’s going on here.

We can use all these things. It’s amazing to think that your brain is now trying to learn how to shoot off electricity into those muscles to make those muscles do those certain movements for the very first time and the more and more I do it does it the better and better.

It becomes good at doing those things. We’ll get into that later. When I talk about what happens in the brain, Then what happens is we start to try and walk and we stop falling over. We start trying to get up again, we start doing that. We start off with the first little step, where we’re getting up and we try and balance on the anything we can hold onto.

The table, or the chair or your parents or whoever’s around or whatever’s around. We try and start to balance. That’s a new thing. You’re standing in your feet. Then we eventually learn how to do that. Then we start to try and start talking. We’re more repetition more repetition.

We’re just constantly trying and trying to talk and sounds and words and then starting to learn how all that grammatically fits in. It’s amazing, how much repetition we go through unconsciously. We’re doing that previously. Then we get older. Then we start learning how to ride a push bike.

We do that by repetition. We start going, we try more and more. We keep going at it. We keep having more attempts at it, okay, that didn’t work. I fell over that time. What I do differently, okay, I feel the centre of gravity on the bike. Okay.

Oh yep. There we go. I can keep that underneath me, when I start to steer this way. I have to pedal, the faster I go easier it is to keep my bike up all those things come from repetition and failing and going. Again, the brain starts to learn the repetitious style of things allows you to fail.

Keep going fail. Keep going and your brain learns from that. Then we get into a car. We start learning how to change gears. It’s getting the big wall complicated with the change in the gears because now we’re moving our body as well as controlling a machine and piece of machinery steering indicating brake depending whether you get a manual licence or automatic licence clutch gears accelerator, turn the steering wheel or right amount of breaking at the right time heavily lightly.

There’s so many things you got to learn when you start to drive a car and we still do it, we’re able to still do it by doing it over and over and over and over again. The more we do it then we’ll proficient we become at what we are doing.

What we had practising and that comes into practise makes permanent. I will never say practise makes perfect because you can practise something wrong and make that permanent. So just remember that practise makes permanent. We want to practise the right skills. So how do we do that? Repetitiously we find someone that knows the information that we start to learn from them and we repeat those things over and over and over again until we come muscle memory, until they become hard wired into the brain.

Don’t they? So that leads me to the next one. What happens in the brain, what happens when that happens. Like so when we start repeat something over and over and over again, what’s going on in the brain?

So when you think about it, just remember to look at it like this. Every time we do something new or we do something. We’ve already done before the brains got your little neurones, it’s got a little connections, starting to fire. They’re firing away and they start to do new ways.

So, say you’re doing something new, it’ll go and change the structure of the brain. Those neurones are trying to connect with different neuron’s, and they’ll try to connect with other neurones to try and get the result that we’re looking for. We model, what we’re doing of something for something, new of something we’ve already seen.

And that’s how we can learn how to do it, okay? That’s the way they did it or fire would do just changes in the brain. The neurons will do something differently before the muscles or move the muscles in a different way. Did that reflect what we wanted to see?

No, that wasn’t correct? Okay, we failed there that wasn’t correct. What can we do differently? How can I change that the brains constantly moving and growing all that area! That’s what’s so amazing. I’m going off topic, but how amazing is it really, really learn something new. When you learn something new, I do apologise for the aeroplane flying over at the point moment.

But when you learn something new, the brain starts to grow starts to develop that neuroplasticity, that we talked about, we’ve talked about previous previously and that allows our brain to learn new things, to learn different ways. It might be even learning at more efficient ways of doing something, and that’s what it does.

When it doesn’t, when you do something repetitiously the more and more we do something the more and more the brain finds the most efficient perfect way or the best way that it knows how to fire and why are those circuits connect? Those circuits in the brain to create the result?

Required result will require outcome. We want it all happens with repetition and allows the brain to do so many different ways of moulding itself and creating different movements in the body to get to the right and the desired outcome. But it takes time, doesn’t it takes us to do it over and over and over and over and over again?

What it also does is become hardwired. So instead of being loose in like, okay, it’s that work. Now that doesn’t work and it moves a little bit more and it’s very fluid. It doesn’t really sit steady, it doesn’t really become a structure of the brain more. We do it, then we get it, click.

Oh, I’ve got it. It’s stopped. Okay, wait, that worked. That’s what I wanted. I got the desired air come. Now we said to do it more often. We do more, we can go. We keep going here, okay? Going keep going at it and that it starts to become harder and wide harder and harder.

And eventually because hard wider becomes a habit. It’s something we can do subconsciously. Something that happens in the background. The brain goes hang on a second, okay, you really, really want to do this. So let’s this bike this hard wide in. Let’s make it so that you don’t have to think about it anymore.

And you’re just going to do it at whatever times you normally do these things. You certain times the day or whenever we want to recall or go to do a driver car, okay? I mean the car, it’s a trigger drive the car. Those circuit start wire firing. You don’t have to think about it.

You just drive the car or you ride your pushback. I’m getting on the push bike. That’s the trigger. We can ride the push bike that program. I know how to do it, right? Right. So it’s very important then we’re doing these repetitious things that we practise the right things as well.

So find yourself a good teacher and whatever you want to do. So they teach in the raw way so you can learn the raw way to make it permanent to make it perfect the first time when you’re doing it, okay? So that’s what happens in the brain. When we’re doing, all these things repetition just creates this, this amazing fluid state, where your brains learning and growing, and trying to make that happen, and then it becomes hardwired, but it’s it becomes cemented that you get the outcome you want.

And then my repetition we can make it automatic, and that’s really powerful. It’s amazing that we can do that, because there’s a lot of things we do automatically now that we don’t want and we can by repetition remove that hard wiring obviously takes time. If I feel like I don’t want to eat sugar or drink coffee, or drink, alcohol, or talk a certain way with people or what I communicate better and I don’t communicate well now, it’s just gonna unwire the program that you’ve already got in there that the hard warring in the brain.

That’s this is gonna happen and your repetitiously consciously make an effort. You’re aware of the way, you’re communicating, the way you wake up and want a coffee the way you feel stressed and want alcohol the way you. What if that lovely sugary hit that you want, is what that trigger starts that program, the trigger that starts that program.

And if we can get awareness on it and start repetitiously replacing something in there, starting to get that fluid brain happening, getting that growth to get that neuroplasticity occurring, then we can change the way we’re going to do things and it starts to become. Well, hang on a second.

Now, more conscious. And now I’m going to automatically start to do the things that I don’t want to do the things that it disparing, the things that probably the right word, not impairing us. I don’t even show up disparing is a word just had it but the way that it doesn’t empower us to be our best self.

It doesn’t push us towards our goals and then we can start to repetitiously bring things in that you want to. So doing this course that I’m currently doing learning how to manage my money and learning better money stories in my head to change the way I think about money.

And how available money is. I have to do a repetitiously because I’ve got to try and take out the old story, take out the old beliefs that are happening inside, all the programs are wide in there and start to get this brain fluid. Then you’re a plasticity happening where I can start to go, hang on a second, that’s not how it always is.

It doesn’t have to be stuck like this anymore and I could stop do this, repetitiously more, and more more attempts, more listening to the audios more listening to all these things that I get access to practising myself. Reciting it myself and my brain starts to wire those things now.

Okay, that’s what you wanted. Alright, we’ll get the beginning, the outcome. Now we’re starting to get the financial freedom. What we’re talking about, all those things, once that eventually happens for myself and then my brain will start to go, haha, I got this, you want to do this on autopilot?

Alright, let’s start doing it. Let’s start creating that subconscious program. That’s going to run in the background. That’ll allow me to all the time without me being conscious push me towards that financial freedom. That’s I’m looking for when recording this podcast, I made it. Well, my first started I needed to be repetitious about it.

I needed to be very conscious that I want to go and record. And there’s new things that are put in. I want to do more notes, I want to do this, so I want to do that. But what I have with a website, I want to do transcriptions. So I’m going to record with the phone at the same time so I can transcribe.

What I’m saying, all these things, I started popping and they started you have to do repetitiously. So if they become a subconscious thing for me, whatever, I’ve got a second that I don’t have kids around and I’ve got a quiet time. I record it, become a whatever kids when it’s quiet, whether my wife’s out in the kids are out and I have time to do these things.

That’s the trigger. Okay, let’s go let’s go record this podcast. Now, I hope you’re getting a really good understanding and awareness. I love saying awareness around what I talk about when I’m talking about when it comes to repetition. And I really, really hope that you understand now that that allows our brain to move from that solid state that if you feel like you’re stuck into this fluid, okay, maybe I can change my mind.

Maybe I can do be better, do different things and start to why the things that you want to be and you want to be in this fluid state, why the things you want and staying that fluent states down that learning state. Because once you finish school, we stop doing all these things repetitiously.

We start getting stuck in our own little right. Beginning job, we probably learning youth, few few new skills and then we stop. We get stuck and this will help you start to do. Everything is differently. Go do things, you don’t know and your brain or crave it, something chronic and want to do more things repetitiously and want to change itself and you want to be better, you want to do better, you want to grow, you want to go through your journey that you to discover yourself, and you’ll do that by repetition and being consistent, that will allow you to gain access to all these lovely, lovely things.

Okay? So how do we start then? How do we, how do I start being more repetitious of, I’ve just been sitting down doing really nothing? I’m just going along and autopilot, I’m not putting any effort in, how do I start to make change? How I start to do these things repetitiously?

How do I bring repetition into my life? And it’s simple. Take a small steps and I’ll say it over and over again. Take small steps. It doesn’t take much little steps and you’ll be able to go from zero to a hundred without even knowing it. You won’t even be aware that all these little steps start to add up to these massive changes in your life.

So we’ll start by becoming aware and becoming conscious that we want to change, then we want to do something different and start with something small. What do you want to implement your life? And I suggest just try doing a little bit of a wake up a little bit earlier than you normally would just 10 minutes.

Don’t make it crazy because your brain and you the way you frame things it’ll get be too much and you won’t be a repetitiously complete it because it’ll be just too complicated. I’ve got to get up earlier. That means I’m gonna sleep earlier than 10 minutes, you won’t miss 10 minutes.

Sleep, wake up 10 minutes earlier and do something for yourself. Start, develop yourself. Start to grow. It’s have to learn and do it repetitiously. Do it consistently. Do it every single morning and tell yourself. There is no excuse. I’m not tired before you go to bed, convince yourself. I’m gonna waking up at that time.

I’m gonna be 10 minutes early on, I normally am. I’m never gonna need a lot. My body’s just gonna wake me up and I’m gonna go. Let that happen. Create that motivation? Create that power create that willpower within you to get up, do it and consistently do it. And you’ve got to do it for a while.

You have to do it for a while before it starts to come easier. I believe it’s like 21 days, create a habit. I believe that that’s 21 days to undo the reproduce habit and then start to see yourself, making it easier to do. What you’re trying to implement waking up 10 minutes.

Earlier, it’ll become easier after three weeks, and none of this is easy. This is hard work to do this. It’s hard work. Now you keep doing it, you keep doing it another, 21 days, and all of a sudden it starts to become like, I can’t not wake up early, it starts become automatic and at certain stage, there coming up to 90 days.

It’ll become automatic and you won’t go back, you’ll feel tired, but just still wake up at 10. It’s amazing how much we have. It’s that those habits start to push in and start to create and push and create a reality. That’s what I’m trying to say. They create our reality.

So remember, take a small step like that and I believe that just waking up 10 minutes early and learning something, you will start to create a snowball effect for the rest of your life. That’s all I want you to do. You can do all the crazy things that I suggest on the podcast.

You can get up even earlier if you want, but just start small, It’s more manageable. Your brain can take that and handle that little change and then you can start to work from there. Take another little small step make a 20 minutes, add another little thing into a morning routine Start developing routine.

Listen to my podcast, some morning routines. This is my podcast and cold showers listening to all that the episodes that I’ve got on what you can do throughout the day to change your life, and push you in a direction that you never thought. You could to really get to that limitless life.

That you really, really, really deserved because we’ve got the crazy awesome untapped potential. Insiders. And what’s the one thing that I want to share with you, that really helps this happen is the emotion. When I was talking about before waking up early, you get emotional, you get emotional about it.

And when you wake up on time and you get that 10 minutes early and you get that learning done, feel it, feel how awesome it feels feel how powerful you are feel, how amazing it is. Really don’t. Guess I’ve got that. Small wind, what else I talking about with gratitude and dopamine and celebrating a small steps that we take love that you did that the first?

Why not celebrate it and that anchors it instead of being 21 days to make it easy. It might starting to shorten with the more emotional motion, sorry. And emotionalizing, the wind and really feeling the little small wind of waking up. Once the brain guys, blow, hang on a second, that was big.

What was that big? What was that big compare to this? And it starts to pay attention, you’ll find that all the memories you have are associated to strong emotional responses to a situation and circumstance in your life. So if we can start to harness that and take that emotion and jam it in there with that 10 minutes earlier, then you get this amazing happening, something amazing thing happening.

Your brain wants to start to why that quicker. Oh, there’s an emotion there. So I’ve got the actual physical wiring of you doing the physical activity, and then the emotion starts to come in and it wise, another neurone. And another on and it starts to create this cluster and you’re getting more and more of a hardwired effect.

You start removing the old one starts to take away that I want to wake up at six o’clock in the morning. Nope. 10 to 6. 550 is my time and be emotional. Now, to be powerful about a big really, really, really emotional. I want you feel as much emotion as you possibly can then not before you get a bed.

I’m going to wake up at 10 to six, that’s it. And when you can do that, and when you can harness that you can create anything, you can do anything you want. I’m struggling now, I try to, I’ve suppressed emotion so much that it’s hard to really feel that strong emotion again, and that’s just from me, learning them thinking, crazy things that mouse should be emotional.

And all right, all that fluff. There’s a time and a place for that for me and how I am, but the more I can feel emotions, the more I can feel powerful, the more you can feel my emotion, through this podcast, the excitement of sharing this information, and changing and trying to change things for you.

And so you can do the things you want to do the better. It is the more you can feel what I’m talking about and the better I can do that; the better you can achieve your goals as well. So I thank you for listening. I really enjoy recording this episode.

I tried to get as much passion to this, as I possibly can. I’m trying really hard. I’ve been working a lot of things in the background to deliver the awesome content that you guys deserve to listen to. And I hope you really really have an awesome rest of your day night whenever you listen to this.

Again a really hope you enjoyed. That’s it for this episode. And from the become of his podcast, stay limitless.

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