My Story

Buckled in the back of the rescue wheels of life venturing the rewind of the back clicks on my watch. Boiling cold the outer layers while mental gut communication clicks off the light. Finding comfort within the motion of the human transporter and swapping the torture of a pillow for the comfort of a floor. Awaking to angels and healers and safety. It was day, it was morning, it was the hour of productivity, but for me, it was shade down.

I wrote those words from the back of an ambulance on my way to the hospital after collapsing from exhaustion while on my way to work on the commuter train in NYC. It was from this day forward I decided life was too short to just go day to day breathing but without living. It still took two years to start committing and begin setting goals and challenging myself to become limitless.

In 2017 enough was enough and I started getting serious. I knew my life would not improve if I didn't take action. So, that's what I did. I took action and this podcast, these videos, this story, this movement is just that. Decide you can't or Decide you will.

Meet the Team

Although our team may not consist of many (really it's just me), it is a team (again really it's only just me) set to accomplish big goals. The team (you know who we are) will consist of many contributing experts and professionals of which will make appearances from time to time on the show. Our philosophy is to keep pushing the boundaries and then push some more, and then still push again and again and again...

Doug Salamone

Founder, Creator, and Challenge Taker

I've lived a while now, but I've not lived up to my potential. On this journey to becoming limitless, I set out to break through barriers like I've never done before.

Tanner Gers Headshot2

Tanner Gers

Pro Athlete - Contributor

Tanner Gers is a US Paralympian in Track and Field, 2X National Cycling Champion, and the greatest hitter in Beep Baseball (baseball for the blind!). He is a TEDx speaker, author, and Executive Director of My Blind Spot.

Tanner teaches people inspiring methods responsible for him becoming a professional athlete, US Paralympian, successful published author, and business owner. You will take away exactly how to achieve success in life quicker, influentially lead with purpose, and dominate as the Super Hero of your own life.


Rob Regish

Strength Coach - Contributor

Rob Regish is a former power-lifter, accomplished author, radio personality, product formulator, and sought after consultant covering a broad range of topics in the field.

Coach Rob is known to give the straight talk on proven natural supplement methods that deliver stunning physique transformations and fast -without drugs.

He's also the co-host of the Blueprint Power Hour on Superhuman Radio. For almost 30 years, he has devoted his life to the pursuit of mastering physical culture.

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